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19.14 SW Ontario $60M Seg Fund Business $1M Revenue(click to view)
NEW Quebec – Montreal $50M AUM – PRICE $1M (click to view)
NEW Quebec – Montreal P&C Property Insurance Business. Revenue $150,000 Price $450,000 (click to view)
19.10 Western Canada $300 Million AUM – NEW
19.06 Manitoba $15M AUM Insurance Business – LOI Stage
19.03 Alberta $100M AUM MFDA CLOSED
19.01 Alberta $40M AUM MFDA Partial Sale LOI Stage(click to view)
18.16 Ontario $80M AUM MFDA Sale (click to view)
18.14 British Columbia $60M AUM Referral Business Sale – ON HOLD (click to view)
18.11 Saskatchewan $30M AUM Referral Business (click to view)


19.07 Ontario $25M AUM Located in the GTA – CLOSED
19.02 Manitoba $60M AUM Referral Business Sale LOI – CLOSED
18.19 Ontario $50M AUM Dealer to Dealer COMPLETE
18.01 Ontario $60 M AUM MFDA Sale COMPLETE
17.10 Ontario Group Insurance Business COMPLETE
17.07 British Columbia $60 M AUM Dealer to Dealer COMPLETE
17.04 Ontario $120 M AUM Dealer to Dealer COMPLETE

Queenston Valuations, Consulting, Mergers and Acquisitions

Business Valuation Services

Queenston has a proprietary process to value businesses in our industry. We have identified 10 categories and 25 variables that are examined and weighed to arrive at a multiple we use with Owner’s Discretionary Earnings. Contact Queenston for your business valuation.

Consulting Projects

Queenston takes our extensive experience in valuations and combines it with our knowledge and understanding of the value drivers behind successful businesses in our industry. Contact Queenston for your consulting project.

Transitions, Mergers & Acquisition Services

Queenston has successfully completed more deals in the micro-cap area of the financial product distribution industry than anyone else in Canada. We can assist you with all of your transitions, mergers and acquisitions.

Jerry Butler Queenston

Jerry Butler MBA CFP CIM CBV (in progress) has been in the financial services industry for 25 years as an accountant, investment broker and financial planner. Jerry started Queenston in 2012 working with financial advice businesses to do valuations, consulting, dealer to dealer transitions and mergers & acquisitions. Queenston has valued and transitioned over $125 million in value and $5 billion in AUM. In addition, Queenston has worked with advisors and dealers on Succession and Exit Planning. Mr. Butler has consulted with advisors and done presentations all over Canada. Queenston has become an expert in the value of the different business models and an expert on increasing the value of a financial advisor’s business.